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Did you know that the Internet is today’s Yellow Pages?  Most people follow their friends recommendations on social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) or search for websites when buying products, dining out, or seeking services.  

One major change is that many offline businesses are now coming online. With almost 250,000,000 internet users in the North America alone, smart businesses realize that if they do not have a web presence, they are leaving money on the table!

If you've ever gotten a quote on website design, you know that most designers charge you an  arm and leg for even a simple, basic website.  At Ask Us we believe a website is a tool to benefit YOUR business, so you should be able to manipulate that tool.  In most instances, we can create a basic website for under $100.00 that you can continue to develop and expand. 

We also have the experience to work with you to do a full custom website including an Internet Store.       

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In order to establish a web presence, there are three essential elements: