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There are many factors that can cause a computer to run slow. 


Most of those reasons have their roots in the software (computer programs) that reside on the computer.  Oftentimes rogue programs, collectively known as malware, can infiltrate your computer without your knowledge.  Their effects can range from just plain annoying to destructive to theft of your personal and confidential information

Using the latest software tools, Ask Us can identify and eradicate all malware, in most instances without affecting your data, and restore your computer to good health

Registry Errors

Sometimes your windows registry can become corrupted over time.  Registry errors can cause your computer to run slow or even crash.  Ask Us can trace down and correct erroneous or missing entries

Tune Ups

Sometimes, over time, unwanted programs, utilities, and add-ons can build up like sludge in an engine.  The net result is a computer that gets slower and slower.  Ask Us can tune up your computer, getting rid of unnecessary and unwanted software and restore it to its former speedy self