Welcome to Ask Us Computer Services


OK, so now you have a website designed.  How are people going to get to it?  What you need is a home for it, or a "hosting service."  The hosting company provides the computer hardware and internet connectivity to ensure that your "internet presence" is really present!  

Ask Us, along with our partners, can provide the very latest in Web Hosting Control Panels and server technology so as to make your hosting experience as enjoyable and productive as possible. We are proactively involved on a daily basis, keeping servers and software up to date with the latest stable versions thus ensuring you the most secure hosting environment we know how. 

Our servers are monitored every moment of every day, every day of the year. Our technical team is notified within 5 minutes of any server irregularities via a totally independent system. In addition, we have a state of the art Data center specifically designed for web hosting. Air conditioning, backup generators, computer flooring and multiple Stand-by power generators are on site.