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Growth Plans

Q. When does 'Growth' imply getting smaller?

A. In a 'Down' economy

When profits evaporate and income cannot keep up with outgo, something within the organization needs to change.  At times like these, technology can be your friend if properly leveraged.  Ask Us Computer Services can help.  For example:

  • 'Hosted' phone service vs. in-house - through our business partners we can supply and install a 'hosted' VOIP pbx for pennies on the dollar compared to what you may be paying in staffing.  In addition, we can route your calls to your cell phone wherever you might be so that you don't miss that next important call
  • Custom Software vs. 'Off-the-shelf' - because we have our own programmers in-house, we can find and customize low-cost software to meet YOUR business needs.  We currently have partnerships with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and e-commerce software developers and can customize a solution that's right for your business.
  • Accounting Software - due to the fact that we have been beta testers for the QuickBooks product for almost 15 years, we are very familiar with the ins and outs of this software.  Oftentimes we can save you money by suggesting ways of doing things of which you may not have thought.
  • Maintenance Contracts - Preventive maintenance is the key to avoiding costly computer repairs and unplanned capital expenditures.  See our section on Maintenance Plans to see how we can help you in this area.