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Disaster Recovery Plans

No one wants to think about it... but it happens.  What would you do if your office/building/warehouse/plant was destroyed by fire/earthquake/tornado/(insert name here!)?  Suppose someone just broke in and stole your main computer.  Could you recover?  If all of your accounting records, customer contact information, business documents, even pictures were suddenly gone, could you recover?

We have personally had that happen to us years ago.  Fortunately, we only lost about 6 months worth of data.  However, we had to reconstruct all of those transactions from paper documents and re-enter them by hand.  It was not a pleasant experience.

Ask Us Computer Services can help by devising a backup plan consisting of both on-site and off-site storage so that in the event of a disaster, no more than a week will be lost. We include this service as part of our Maintenance Plans.